Thursday, February 12, 2015

I'm Back!

Greetings, My Dear Tea Friends! It's been a little over a year. Glad to be back! Love is beautiful.

My life has drastically changed in the past few weeks. Ive never experienced such grief in all my life. A sweet youthful soul touched my life in a very special way for a brief moment. Sometimes in life we connect with a special soul in a way that inspires you for a life time! I will treasure those moments forever. My hope is in God; hoping that one day I will see her again and we will have a great visit! Although we cannot control things in life we can trust God to intervene. Her loss was a tragic experience! A painful injection. She touched and influenced several lives within her circle and beyond! She is loved by many and will continue to live in the hearts of many and inspire in our everyday lives. She enjoyed life and lived by sincere example. She left an extraordinary legacy! Her name is Eunice and she is rejoicing in heaven in the presence of our Savior.

My life will never be the same! Inspired to be present - love sincerely and dress fashionably.  Everday! 

Until Next Time - Seek God in all circumstances! Trust Him with all that is Within You!

Monday, January 7, 2013

A New Year's Resolution With An Inspiration!

Hello, another year, another day in paradise embracing each day that the Lord brings! I love Monday's, I love New Year's Day and I love new beginnings! Year after year resolutions come and go without sincere commitment to resolve desires to change, enhance or go after the goals to achieve. I desire to improve in everyway, everyday. I purpose to aspire in all that I do! While some people may have discouraged to make yet another resolution;  I have decided to plunge in once again! This year I am going into it from a Christian perspective. I am a follower of Jesus, and I believe it would be the right thing to do. I am going to line up my resolutions with God's Word that it may glorify Him. I am inspired by God's Word to enter this year with hope for a future filled with joy, good health and success.

You too my friend can resolve to do what the Lord inspires - your heart's desires.

Until Next Time - Tea Blessings!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

I Am Grateful

Do you have time for a cup of tea? I've missed you! Will you join me, my tea sister's? Pour yourself a cup of kindness and let's just take a few minutes to share the Lord's Blessings.
- As I sip on hot spiced tea I once again find myself reflecting back on this year and its final days. Christmas season is my favorite and I intentionally do something special everyday to enjoy it. If its just to make a phone call to connect with a friend and or drop a kind word. Bake and deliver. Random act of kindness. Send out or text love notes to those I love deeply.
The weather is incredibly cold for San Antonio this time of the year. It was 37` this morning on the way to church however I am thoroughly enjoying it. As I reflect I can't help but say 'my goodness' the days are just passing by as a gentle breeze. Seems like only yesterday I was celebrating  a new year January 2012! And recalling what incredible miracles took place in 2011. Before I know it this year will be over too and all I will have is fond memories, choices and their consequences; hopefully a little wiser. As I mature in life I have learned to appreciate family and relationships more each season and intentionally creating great memories!
It is our God that gives me strength to continue with countless hours of prayer, petitions, knee time, fasting and worship! Purging the old and allowing Him to create me a new. It is only then that I can see the beauty in each day and receive His peace and rejoice in it, regardless of the circumstances. Although life has its tidal waves, bridges to cross, restoring broken relationships and reaching the souls of those we are believing for healing and salvation; this too I have learned;  that there is nothing that we can not overcome by the power of 'Jesus, the Son of God. I look to Him to meet my needs and not to government or man. I count my blessings, those whom He has so kindly placed in my path and those by Divine appointments scheduled and orchestrated by God.
The Lord is my provider, my healer and the lover of my soul. By the authority of the Word of God - I have the absolute power to shape my destiny! And so do you! The law of kindness was not always practiced in my life. My heart was broken and my soul, mind and  body was a reflection of that brokenness. Only God! He healed my heart and created me a new one. I am forever grateful! Therefore today, I can proclaim that my hope and trust is in the Lord and it is my desire to serve in kindness and as a witness of His Love; the kind that He has so graciously embraced me with. Rejoice my friend, my sister, my beloved! Make a generous deposit of kindness in someones life! Share kindness today........

My Beautiful Daughter Leslie, opens her home and showers blessings upon the family with gifts of love, delicious food and great music. So sincerely she gives without measure. Her and her husband Bill are true witness of love.

Join in the conversation. Post a comment and or post a prayer request -

Until Our Next Tea - May your days be filled with the Love of Christ <><

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Challenging Days'

My grandson, Nathaniel is wise beyond his years. He is brilliant and a great leader however this year he has faced many challenges and today was no different. His team was battling for title for high school division championship; for most as with my grandson this is their senior year. They went out on the field of the Alamo Dome fearlessly and equipped with the Lord's shield surrounding them with success.  Prayer warriors were called to intercede and many thanked the Lord in advance for the outcome. Although two of their key players had been removed from the team prior to the game; they were still determined and pressed forward with all they had. At the end of the game there were many that appeared disappointed and perhaps felt defeated. The team may have been out scored; but not defeated! When it was all said and done; this team stood tall and then on their knees thank their God without shame or fear of criticism.  They were strong and of good courage and they were not afraid for the Lord their God was with every single one of them. They are heroes of faith! Proclaiming it to the very end. That kind of faith does not come by natural. It is developed. I am confident that God has great plans for my grandson and for his fellow team players. May His grace continue be their strength and may His peace be with them always:  To their coach's, their  families and friends as well.

-I just have to say that I am so proud of my grandson Nathaniel and love him deeply.

Saints of God trust him with all your heart. Purpose to live your life with dignity and with power in the name of 'Jesus the son of God.

Until next time ...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Be still...

What a beautiful day! Rather toasty (100 degrees) however still a beautiful day.  I was just relaxing when I thought; it appears that I seldom stop long enough to be still in the presence of our Savior; much less receive instruction on His plan for me for the day. Yes, I do pray to Him and talk to Him through out the day but I need to discipline myself at this critical hour to get before Him and wait for my instructions for the day.
The study and meditation was on being still before the Lord. After reflecting on the lesson I believe it is extremely neccessary to receive a heart transformation in order to be sincere without offense. It is essential to be in unity and in agreement; may God reposition us as we learn to wait on Him. May we walk in the light and in the things that we trust will bring increase to the body. May our words be kind and speak blessings to all and let us all seek Him in all areas of our daily activities. 'For with God all things are possible'

'Be strong and courageous for He is with you. It takes courage to do what is right.

Have you fed your spirit today?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nanny Bailey and Collard Greens

I thank our awesome Lord for another glorious day! Lately I have been thinking about Nanny Bailey; a very unique classy woman. I had an opportunity to become very close to this beautiful lady when I was just nineteen years old. She was very wise and had a heart of gold. Truly godsend! She would grow her own veggies in her front yard, imagine that!

I decided to go to the HEB and purchase some collard greens and then I checked out several on-line recipes. I decided to take a little from each one and modify to come up with what I remembered of Nanny's version on collard greens and also to suit my own healthier choices. I replaced the ham hocks with smoked turkey wings and the lard with olive oil. I added a sprinkle of cholula to each serving. (collard greens, red pepper, onion, brown sugar, vinegar, sea salt, organic low sodium chicken broth, fresh garlic and cholula) yum -yum! The aroma of home cooking filled our home.

Nanny Bailey loved to cook and bake; family gatherings in her home was her delight. May her legacy live on from generation to generation. I will do my part to pass it on....

Monday, December 20, 2010



Today was a glorious day. I thank God for it. I truly enjoy the month of October however I love the month of December because Jesus is the true reason for the season. He is the true Gift! I love Christmas; it is all about the celebration of the birth of Christ. I purposely choose to search and pursue His peace daily. I proclaim that my joy is rich and brings no sorrow. I choose to allow for God's will to be onto me according to His Word. May the Holy Spirit lead me unto all truth as I share His love with those He places in my path.

We had a blessed family time this evening; it is awesome to be with those you love. Laughter is good for the soul.

May your peace over flow your soul as a river and bring you through any situation you are facing this season.

Until Next Time. Be Blessed!